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Episode 1

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HEAVEN AND HELL Miniseries, 6 hours for ABC concludes the saga of the Hazard and Main families during reconstruction following the Civil War Elkanah Bent embarks on a trail of terror, murdering Orry Main and then Constance Hazard before tracking Charlie Main out to the far West- After his wife's death. George overcomes a reclusive depression to help Madeline Main stabilize her school and home against her bigoted and greedy cousin-in-law Cooper Main and Orry's ruthless sister, Ashton. Living a wild existence after being forced out of the military, Charlie Main rejoins the army to fight Indian wars. His son is left to live with old friends. George Hazard exposes Isabel as a crooked profiteer. He works with Madeline, building a business to finance Mont Royal; they acknowledge their mutual attraction. Bent kidnaps Charlie's son, causing Charlie and his friends to pursue and end Bent's life- Returning to Mont Royal, Charlie joins George in saving the plantation from destruction by Cooper and his Klansman friends.

Sponsored by ABC
Air Date 2/27/94

Main Credits

Writer Suzanne Clauser
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Mark M Wolper
Producer Hal Galli
Director Larry Peerce
Cinematographer Don E. Fauntleroy
Editor Paul LaMastra
Composer David Bell

Full Credit List

Based on HEAVEN AND HELL by John Jakes
Writer Suzanne Clauser
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Mark M Wolper
Producer Hal Galli
In Charge of Production Elliot Friedgen
Director Larry Peerce
Cast Clay Boss
Cast Chris Burke
Cast Philip Casnoff
Cast Kyle Chandler
Cast Merrill Connally
Cast Jerry Cotton
Cast Darryl Cox
Cast Vince Davis
Cast Billy de Williams
Cast Cliff de Young
Cast Ron Douglas
Cast Ted Thin Elk
Cast Cameron Finley
Cast Jonathan Frakes
Cast Gary Grubbs
Cast Sean Hennigan
Cast Len Hunt
Cast James Jernigan
Cast Peter O'Toole
Cast Frank Pesce
Cast Jimmy Pickens
Cast James Read
Cast Jeff Schwan
Cast Stan Shaw
Cast Moses Starr
Cast Keith Szarbajka
Cast Julius Tennon
Cast Darryl Theirse
Cast Rip Torn
Cast Mark Voges
Cast Robert Wagner
Cast Gregory Zaragoza
Cast Brad Leland
Cast Elbert Lewis
Actress Ann Dowd
Actress Lesley-Anne Down
Actress Genie Francis
Actress Terri Garber
Actress Nik Hagler
Actress Mariette Hartley
Actress John Kane
Actress Wendy Kilbourne
Actress Lonnie Nelson
Actress Ruby Nelda Perez
Actress Catherine Thomas
Actress Sharon Washington
Casting Phyllis Huffman
Casting Texas Liz Keigley
Production Coordinator Carol Kravetz
Production Supervisor Mandy Marsh
Script Supervisor Anne Welles
Art Director Christa Munro
Set Decorator Barbara Haberecht
Cinematographer Don E. Fauntleroy
Camera Operator Philip Schwartz
Chief Lighting Technician Rick Johnson
Grip George Palmer
Key Grip George Palmer
Wardrobe Marcy Froelich
Wardrobe Joan S. Thomas
Costume Designer Carol Helen Beule
Makeup Debbie Zoller
Hair Stylist Mona Orr
Editor Paul LaMastra
Assistant Editor Justin Bourret
Assistant Editor Ali Shouieb
Associate Editor Susan Heick
Music Editor Joanie Diener
Sound Editor Echo Film Services, Inc.
Composer David Bell
Title Music based on the Original score by Bill Conti
Acknowledgements The Department of Defense, The Army Office of Public Affairs -- Los Angeles Branch, Fort Sam Huston, Texas, Joshua Creek Ranch, San Antonio Film Commision

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