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Episode 5

A David L. Wolper Production and Robert A. Papazian Production in Association with Warner Bros. Television



Second 12 hours of 24-hour miniseries. Follows the two Families through the Civil War Ñ their changing fortunes at home and the harsh realities of the battlefields, until the South surrenders and the families are reunited in friendship.


Main Credits

Writer Richard Fielder
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Robert A. Papazian
Director Kevin Connor
Cinematographer Jacques Marquette
Editor David Saxon
Editor Eric Sears
Composer Bill Conti

Full Credit List

Developed by Douglas Hayes
Writer Richard Fielder
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Robert A. Papazian
Associate Producer Stephanie Austin
Associate Producer Mark M Wolper
Director Kevin Connor
Cast Lloyd Bridges
Cast David Carradine
Cast Philip Casnoff
Cast Michael Dudikoff
Cast Morgan Fairchild
Cast Jonathan Frakes
Cast Tony Frank
Cast Burton Gilliam
Cast Gary Grubbs
Cast Clu Gulager
Cast Hal Holbrook
Cast Lee Horsley
Cast Grant "Whip" Hubley
Cast James Morrison
Cast Wayne Newton
Cast John Nixon
Cast Jerry Potter
Cast James Read
Cast Bumper Robinson
Cast William Schallert
Cast Lewis Smith
Cast Parker Stevenson
Cast James Stewart
Cast David Ogden Stiers
Cast Patrick Swayze
Cast Jack Thibeau
Cast Forest Whitaker
Cast Anthony Zerbe
Cast Jim Metzler
Actress Kirstie Alley
Actress Bonnie Bartlett
Actress Beau Billingslea
Actress Mary Crosby
Actress Olivia de Havilland
Actress Lesley-Anne Down
Actress Linda Evans
Actress Genie Francis
Actress Terri Garber
Actress Erica Gimpel
Actress Wendy Kilbourne
Actress Jean Simmons
Actress Inga Swenson
Actress Dixie Wade
Actress Nancy Marchand
Actress Kate McNeil
Casting Ross Bluestein, C.S.A.
Casting Mary West
Production Manager Hal Galli
Historian Ray Herbeck
Technical Advisor Ray Herbeck
Script Supervisor Dell Ross
Production Designer Joseph R. Jennings
Assistant Art Director Sandy Veneziano
Set Decorator Joe D. Mitchell
Cinematographer Jacques Marquette
Camera Operator John Kiser
Gaffer Bill Tenny
Grip Robert J. Babin
Key Grip Robert J. Babin
Sound Charles T. Knight
Costume Designer Robert Fletcher
Costume Supervisor Men Bud Clark
Costume Supervisor Women Dodie Shepard
Makeup Jack Petty
Makeup Rod Wilson
Hair Stylist Yolanda Toussieng
Editor David Saxon
Editor Eric Sears
Assistant Editor Alec Smight
Assistant Editor Kathleen Jo Stude-Elliott
Associate Editor John W. Carr
Associate Editor Susan Heick
Associate Editor Eric Boyd Perkins
Music Editor Stephan Hope
Music Editor James D. Young
Sound Editor James Troutman & Associates
Composer Bill Conti
Title Design by Sandy DÕVore
Opitcal Effects Pacific Titles

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