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Episode 2

A David L. Wolper Production in Association with Warner Bros. Television



First 12 hours of 24-hour miniseries based on John Jakes' best-selllng novel, NORTH AND SOUTH. Follows the friendship of Orry Main, from a Southern plantation family, and George Hazard, from a Northern industrial family, from their meeting at West Point through the years leading up to the Civil War.


Main Credits

Writer Paul F. Edwards
Writer Douglas Hayes
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Scott McLennan
Producer Paul Freeman
Director Richard T. Heffron
Cinematographer Stevan Larner
Editor Michael Eliot
Editor Scott Eyler
Composer Bill Conti

Full Credit List

Writer Paul F. Edwards
Writer Douglas Hayes
Executive Script Consultant Patricia Green
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Scott McLennan
Producer Paul Freeman
Associate Producer Rob Harland
Production Executive Mark M Wolper
Director Richard T. Heffron
Cast John Anderson
Cast Lee Beregere
Cast Georg Stanford Brown
Cast David Carradine
Cast Johnny Cash
Cast Philip Casnoff
Cast Chris Douridas
Cast William Preston EuDaly
Cast Morgan Fairchild
Cast Jonathan Frakes
Cast Tony Frank
Cast Arthur Gilliard
Cast Stephen Godwin
Cast Robert Guillaume
Cast Cody W. Hampton
Cast David Harris
Cast Hal Holbrook
Cast Gene Kelly
Cast William Ostrander
Cast James Read
Cast Michael Rymer
Cast Lewis Smith
Cast Andrew Stahl
Cast David Ogden Stiers
Cast John Stockwell
Cast Patrick Swayze
Cast Lou Walker
Cast Forest Whitaker
Cast Tim Wise
Cast Jim Metzler
Cast Tuck Milligan
Cast Robert Mitchum
Actress Kirstie Alley
Actress Olivia Cole
Actress Nikki Creswell
Actress Drew Deighan
Actress Lesley-Anne Down
Actress Genie Francis
Actress Wendy Fulton
Actress Terri Garber
Actress Terri Gardner
Actress Erica Gimpel
Actress Stephanie Allison Jolluck
Actress Wendy Kilbourne
Actress Temi Le Anne Epstein
Actress Ginnie Randall
Actress Jean Simmons
Actress Inga Swenson
Actress Elizabeth Taylor
Actress Melissa Manley
Casting Phyllis Huffman
Casting Jennifer Jackson Part
Location Casting Liz Keigley
Location Casting Shari Rhodes
Historian Ray Herbeck
Technical Advisor Ray Herbeck
Script Supervisor Alleen N. Nollmann
Production Designer Arch Bacon
Art Director Richard Berger
Set Decorator Chuck Korian
Cinematographer Stevan Larner
Camera Operator Owen March
Gaffer Bob Farmer
Grip Charles Morgan
Key Grip Charles Morgan
Sound Richard Wagner
Sound Sid Lubot
Costume Supervisor Women Joie Hutchinson
Costume Supervisor Men Pat McGrath
Makeup Alan Fama
Hair Stylist Virginia Darcy
Editor Michael Eliot
Editor Scott Eyler
Assistant Editor Michael Cipriano
Assistant Editor Leon Garbers
Assistant Editor Richard L. McCullough
Music Editor Stephan Hope
Music Editor Jay Alfred Smith
Sound Editor Alex Bamattre
Sound Editor Stu Bernstein
Sound Editor Lee Chaney
Sound Editor Vince Connelly
Sound Editor Walt Newman
Sound Editor Corrinne K. Sessaiego
Sound Effects Editor Ron Tinsley
Composer Bill Conti
Title Design by Sandy DÕVore
Opitcal Effects Pacific Titles
Acknowledgements South Carolina Film Commision, City of Charleston, South Carolina, State Ports Authority of South Carolina, Mississippi Film Commission, Natchez Film Commission, City of Natchez, Mississippi, Pilgrimage Garden Club, Historical Jefferson College, Arkansas Film Commission, Camden, Arkansas Film Commission, Louisana Film Commission, National Park Services

Special Thanks Arkansas Living Historical Society, Little Rock, AK., The 2nd U.S. Dragoons, Riverton, Ill., The Presidio Lancers, Albuquerque, NM., The Fort Atkinson Ghost Garrison, Des Moines, Iowa, The Crossroads of Texas Living History Assn., Vicotria, TX., The Charleston (Illinois) Guards, The Missouri Living History Assn., The 18th Louisiana Infantry, Lafayette, LA., The 1st Minn. Light Artillery, McAlester, OK., The Regmt. of Mounted Rifles, Austin, TX., Historic Florida Militia, Ft. McIntosh, FL.

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