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Theatrical Motion Picture


Henri Young, already a veteran of many years incarceration is subjected to an unprecedented three brutal years of solitary confinement punctuated by heatings and torture for trying to escape. When he is finally released back into the prison population, he kills the man who snitched, Henri is only 24. James Maclnnis, a young attorney in the Public Defenders office is assigned to Henri for this seemingly open-and-shut murder trial. He finds, however, the case is anything but straightforward. He's taken on "The System," Alcatraz, and its sadistic Warden.

Total Run Time Feature

Main Credits

Writer Dan Gordon
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Mark M Wolper
Producer Marc Frydman
Producer Mark M Wolper
Director Marc Rocco
Cinematographer Fred Murphy
Editor Russell Livingston
Composer Christopher Young
Wolper Awards

Full Credit List

Writer Dan Gordon
Research Kenton Walters
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Executive Producer Mark M Wolper
Producer Marc Frydman
Producer Mark M Wolper
Co-Producer Deborah Lee
Associate Producer Philip Mckeon
Director Marc Rocco
Cast Richie Allan
Cast Kevin Bacon
Cast Gary Ballard
Cast Tony Barr
Cast Bill Barretta
Cast Douglas Bennett
Cast Alexander Bookston
Cast Charles Boswell
Cast Eddie Bowz
Cast Lance Brady
Cast Joseph Cole
Cast Gary Lee Davis
Cast Brad Dourif
Cast Randall Dudley
Cast R. Lee Ermey
Cast Thomas Fenske
Cast Fred Franklin
Cast Stefan Gierasch
Cast William Hall
Cast James Keane
Cast Sonny H. King
Cast Danny Kovacs
Cast Richard Kwong
Cast Brian Leckner
Cast Lee E. Mathis
Cast Stuart Nisbet
Cast Gary Oldman
Cast Wayne Parks
Cast Randy Pelish
Cast Ray Quartermus
Cast Joseph Richards
Cast Herb Ritts
Cast Wally Rose
Cast Nick Scoogin
Cast Ben Slack
Cast Christian Slater
Cast Warren Spottswood
Cast David Sterling
Cast Neil Summers
Cast Stephen Tobolowsky
Cast Julius Varnado
Cast Robert Lee
Cast Joseph Lucas
Cast William H. Macy
Cast George Maguire
Cast Michael Melvin
Cast Michael Merrins
Actress Amanda Borden
Actress Eve Brenner
Actress Embeth Davidtz
Actress Sheldon Feldner
Actress Mia Kirshner
Actress Kyra Sedgwick
Casting Mary Jo Slater
Casting San Francisco Hayes and Van Horn Casting
Production Associate James Spies
Production Consultant Brad Epstein
Production Consultant Peter McAlevey
Production Consultant Michael Pataki
Production Consultant Jennifer Rocco
Production Consultant Richard Rush
Production Consultant Veder Sosie
Production Consultant Paula Wagner
Production Consultant Michael Wimer
Production Consultant Travis
Production Consultant Don McKeon
Production Coordinator Thomas D. Adelman
Production Coordinator San Francisco Mary Duann-Kelly
Production Supervisor San Francisco Unit Bruce Devan
Assistant Production Coordinator San Franicsco Debra Girard
Assistant Production Coordinator Cynthia Lowe
Script Supervisor Renee Rosenfeld
Production Designer Kirk M. Petruccelli
Art Director Michael Rizzo
Assistant Art Director Maya Shimoguchi
Set Decorator Greg Grande
Cinematographer Fred Murphy
Camera Operator Frank Perl
Assistant Camera Kenneth Barrows
Assistant Camera Vern Nobles
Chief Lighting Technician Dino Parks
Grip Richard Mall
Key Grip Richard Mall
Wardrobe Robert Stewart
Costume Designer Sylvia Vegas Vasquez
Costume Supervisor Murray Lantz
Assistant Costume Supervisor Carol Ewing
Costumes Carol Ewing
Assistant Costume Supervisor San Francisco Joseph Roveto
Costumes San Francisco Joseph Roveto
Assistant Costume Supervisor Monica Vasquez
Costumes Monica Vasquez
Assistant Costume Supervisor Henry Lopez
Costumes Henry Lopez
Makeup Lisa Rocco
Hair Stylist Theo Mayes
Editor Russell Livingston
Assistant Editor David Rennie
Music Editor David Cates
Music Coordinator David May
Sound Editor Andre Bacha
Sound Editor John Hedges
Sound Editor Mark Hollingsworth
Sound Editor Howard Neiman
Sound Editor Ascher Yates
Negative Cutter Magic Film and Video Works
Composer Christopher Young
Musical Supervision Dominque Forma
Title Design by Susan Bradley
Opitcal Effects Buena Vista Imaging
Acknowledgements The Los Angeles County Film Office, The San Francisco Film Commision, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, The Employees of the San Francisco National Park Services, The San Francisco Film and Video Arts Commision, The San Francisco Police Department, The San Francisco Muni Railway, The San Francisco Department of Parks and Recreation, The San Francisco Port Commission
Rare archives and photos from MURDER IN THE FIRST can be found at the David L. Wolper Center at USC
David L. Wolper Center at USC