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Documentary Special


A live extravaganza celebrating the rededication of the studio to Warner Bros. The Hollywood Party of the Decade featured a 7-minute tram ride through the backlot dressed to recapture the old days of the studio where 800 choreographed extras paraded and performed in WB movie costumes. A revolving montage of scenes from famous WB movies was projected 360 degrees onto the perimeter sound stage 17 walls which had been designed as the reception room for gathering guests. The party then moved to the doubled sound stages of 12 and 18 which had been converted in every detail to Rick's Cafe Americain from "Casablanca." After dinner; a 2 1/2-hour spectacular show entertained over 1000 guests with hundreds of tappers, singers; and synchronized swimmers re-creating show-stopping production numbers from Harry Warren and Busby Berkeley musicals, complementing collections of WB movie clips. Following the lighting of the re-named Warner Bros. landmark water tower, Liza Minnelli closed the celebration with a medley of WB movie songs. An historic star photo was made of the more than 150 stars attending, including President Ronald Reagan.

Total Run Time 2 1/2 Hrs

Main Credits

Writer Diane Lowenstein
Writer Stanley Ralph Ross
Executive Producer Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Jack Haley, Jr.
Director Gary Halvorson
Editor Jeff Savenick
Editor George Stamer
Wolper Awards

Full Credit List

Writer Diane Lowenstein
Writer Stanley Ralph Ross
Film Research Barry Bregman
Research Bruce Bailey
Research Gary Crosby
Research Laurie Jacobson
Research William Schifrin
Research Diana Leszynski
Executive Producer Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Jack Haley, Jr.
Co-Producer Michael B. Seligman
Associate Producer Timothy A. Gibbons
Director Gary Halvorson
Choreographer Walter Painter
Assistant Choreographer Lorraine Fields
Co-Choreographer Lorraine Fields
Host Dan Aykroyd
Host Kim Basinger
Host John Candy
Host Chevy Chase
Host Robert Daly
Host Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Host Quincy Jones
Host Michael Keaton
Host Ruby Keeler
Host President Ronald Reagan
Host Steven J. Ross
Host Terry Semel
Host Martin Shor
Host Karl Malden
Host Liza Minnelli
Production Manager Simon Abbott
Production Consultant Creative Phil Savenick
Technical Director Terry Donahue
Production Coordinator Hans Fischmann
Production Coordinator Tim Gaydos
Production Coordinator Peter Kang
Script Supervisor Kristine Fernandez
Stage Manager Steve Burgess
Stage Manager Rac Clark
Stage Manager Mike Kelly
Stage Manager Byron Nelson
Stage Manager Jason Seligman
Stage Manager Ken Stein
Stage Manager David Wader
Stage Manager Peter Margolis
Production Assistant Gary Crosby
Production Assistant Tom Way
Assistant to the Producer Marge Karney
Assistant to the Producer Auriel Sanderson
Assistant to the Producer Laura Yule
Production Designer Bob Keene
Assistant Art Director Tom Buderwitz
Assistant Art Director Bob Strohmaier
Set Decorator Jim Mees
Lighting Director Bob Dickinson
Camera Operator Ken Dahlquist
Camera Operator Tom Green
Camera Operator Dean Hall
Camera Operator Roy Holmes
Camera Operator Bob Keys
Camera Operator Ken Patterson
Camera Operator Dave Levisohn
Gaffer Vicki "Max" Brenner
Audio Bruce Burns
Costume Designer Bill Hartgate
Costume Supervisor Sandy Slepak
Makeup Wade Daily
Makeup Carry Gibbons
Makeup Donna Graham
Makeup Vicky McCarter
Makeup Mary Resnik
Makeup Christina Smith
Makeup Margit Syposs
Makeup Beverly Lowry
Hair Stylist Dennis Bullock
Hair Stylist Clare Corsick
Hair Stylist Judy Riley
Hair Stylist Karen Scales
Hair Stylist Anthony Wilson
Editor Jeff Savenick
Editor George Stamer
Additional Music Special Music Material the other Ray Charles; Rehe
Music Director Jack Elliott
Notes Fountain Effects Dancing Waters, Inc., New York , NY
Acknowledgements Alahambra High School, Bell High School, Belmont High School, Bishop Montgomery High School, Burbank High School, Canoga Park High School, Cerritos High School, Cleveland High School, Emerson Jr High School, Fairfax High School, Hoover High School, John Burroughs Jr High School, Miraleste High School, Muir High School, N. Hollywood High School, Narbonne High School
Rare archives and photos from WARNER BROS. CELEBRATION OF TRADITION, JUNE 2, 1990 can be found at the David L. Wolper Center at USC
David L. Wolper Center at USC