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In Association With Andrew Solt Productions

Theatrical Motion Picture


Feature documentary on the life of John Lennon, his music and his ideas, utilizing footage from his own personal archives. Made in cooperation with Yoko Ono and the John Lennon Estate.

Sponsored by Warner Bros.

Main Credits

Writer Sam Egan
Writer Andrew W. Solt
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Andrew W. Solt
Producer David L. Wolper
Director Andrew W. Solt
Narrator John Lennon
Cinematographer Nestor Almendros
Editor Bert Lovitt
Wolper Awards

Full Credit List

Writer Sam Egan
Writer Andrew W. Solt
Photo Research Ilene Cherna
Photo Research Vikki Prudden
Photo Research Bellovin Karla Merrifield
Research Los Angeles Debra Ack
Research France Patrick Andre
Research Australlia Glenn Baker
Research New York Jessica Berman
Research Washington DC Jack Egan
Research New York Bogdan Ron Furmanek
Research Los Angeles Karol Greene
Research San Francisco Tony Secunda
Research Los Angeles Helen Seifer
Research Japan John Solt
Research New York Jonathan Strauss
Research Los Angeles Paul Surratt
Research France Jean-Francois Vallee
Research Holland Fenno Werkman
Research Great Britain Kristy MacCalman
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Andrew W. Solt
Producer David L. Wolper
Associate Producer Bud Friedgen
Associate Producer Kevin Miller
Production Executive Julian Ludwig
In Charge of Production Rachelle Katz
Director Andrew W. Solt
Narrator John Lennon
Production Supervisor NY Unit Matthew Salvato
Production Assistant Caindy Berenson
Production Assistant Kimberly Carnevali
Production Assistant Darren Foreman
Production Assistant Laura Graham
Production Assistant Tom Murray
Production Assistant Helmer Sieber
Production Assistant George Speerin
Production Assistant Howard Taksen
Production Assistant Susan Welsh
Assistant to Andrew Solt Jerry Field
Assistant to David L. Wolper Auriel Sanderson
Set Decorator Sarah Knowles
Cinematographer Nestor Almendros
Camera Operator Ira Brenner
Assistant Camera Algernon Ramirez
Assistant Camera Clayton Liotta
Chief Lighting Technician Peter Girolami
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician Jonathan Leigh
Grip Bobby Prate
Key Grip Bobby Prate
Grip Mike Kammerer
Makeup Bernadette Mazur
Editor Bert Lovitt
Assistant Editor Joe McJimsey
Apprentice Film Editor Karen Schwartz
Supervising Film Editor Bud Friedgen
Post Production Supervisor Paul LaMori
Sound Editor Sukey Fontelieu
Sound Editor Jerelyn Golding
Sound Editor Howard Heard
Negative Cutter Mary Duerrstein
Additional Music Beatles songs remixed by George Martin; John Lenno
Opitcal Effects American Film Technologies, Inc.
Opitcal Effects CFI
Opitcal Effects Du Art Film Laboratories, Inc.
Opitcal Effects F-Stop Hollywood Optical Systems
Opitcal Effects Image Transform,
Opitcal Effects Interforma
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Acknowledgements Alan Aldridge, Neil Aspinall, Claudia Falkenburg, David Geffen, Debbie Gendler, Sam Havadtoy, Jill Hawkins, Robert Hilburn, Mark Lewisohn, Harry Nilsson, Steven Peeples, Rupert Perry, Tony Secunda, David Shiff, Dave Sholin, Peter Shukat, Sharon Swab, Susan Walker, Jann Wenner, Gloria Wolper
Rare archives and photos from IMAGINE: JOHN LENNON can be found at the David L. Wolper Center at USC
David L. Wolper Center at USC