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A David L. Wolper Production

Entertainment Special- Comedies & Musicals


A 1-hour children's variety program demonstrating how resourceful, intelligent, and motivated our kids are.

Total Run Time 2 HR

Main Credits

Writer Rich Hall
Writer Jim McGinn
Writer Bob Shanks
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Director Don Mishcer
Wolper Awards

Full Credit List

Writer Rich Hall
Writer Jim McGinn
Writer Bob Shanks
Research Nicholas Agid
Research Yvonne Partridge
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Supervising Producer Bob Shanks
Location Segment Producer William Kronick
In Charge of Production James Hayes
Director Don Mishcer
Associate Director Jan Cornell
Location Segment Director William Kronick
Announcer Charles OƕDonnell
Production Manager Tom Hulbert
Production Associate Caren Krasnoff
Technical Director Jerry Weiss
Technical Director Jerry Weiss
Stage Manager Ted Baker
Stage Manager Shelia Stewart
Production Assistant Courtney Flavin
Production Assistant Steven Silas
Production Assistant Sandy Sprung
Production Assistant Pamela Lopez
Production Assistant Jodie Mann
Art Director Ray Klausen
Art Director Ray Klausen
Assistant Art Director Corky Goodwin
Lighting Director John Freschi
Audio Joe Ralston
Video Bob Vinson
Supervising Film Editor Barbro Semmingsen
Musical Supervision Neiman-Tillar Associates
Musical Supervision Roy Prendergast
Notes Encyclopedia Sets Furnished by Encyclopedia Britannica
Acknowledgements The National Dance Institute for the Jacques D'Amboise film "Dance Space" directed by John Avildson
Rare archives and photos from SMALL WORLD can be found at the David L. Wolper Center at USC
David L. Wolper Center at USC