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Jack Haley, Jr. Productions
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Documentary Special


A film compilation of Hollywood's funny men from the early days to the present. Made for the Motion Picture Association of America to celebrate the Bicentennial of the City of Los Angeles.

Air Date 5/16/82
Total Run Time 2 HRS

Main Credits

Writer Jack Haley, Jr.
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Jack Haley, Jr.
Director Jack Haley, Jr.
Editor David Blewitt
Editor Bea Dennis
Editor Lawrence Saltzman
Composer Fred Karlin
Wolper Awards

Full Credit List

Writer Jack Haley, Jr.
Film Research Jessica Berman
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Jack Haley, Jr.
Associate Producer Julian Ludwig
Director Jack Haley, Jr.
Host Carol Burnett
Host Wilmer Butler
Host Dom DeLuise
Host Walter Mathau
Host Richard Pryor
Host Burt Reynolds
Host Jack Lemmon
Production Manager Tony Wade
Production Coordinator Donna Egan-Kaplan
Production Coordinator Eleanor Grand
Production Coordinator Auriel Sanderson
Production Supervisor Sol Weilsel
Production Assistant Jim Kwan
Production Assistant Mark M Wolper
Production Assistant Lauren A. Levine
Assistant to the Producer Marge Karney
Production Designer Ron Talsky
Sound Tommy Overton
Editor David Blewitt
Editor Bea Dennis
Editor Lawrence Saltzman
Assistant Editor Paul Anderson
Assistant Editor James Briley
Assistant Editor Bruce Elliott
Assistant Editor Edward Fantl
Assistant Editor Martin November
Assistant Editor Blake Roy
Assistant Editor James Seidelman
Assistant Editor Donald Wylie
Post Production Supervisor Bea Dennis
Music Editor Steve Danforth
Sound Effects Editor Jim Troutman
Negative Cutter Mary Nelson
Composer Fred Karlin
Title Design by Bruce Bryant
Title Design by James Castle
Opitcal Effects Cinema Research
Acknowledgements ABC Pictures International, Inc., John E. Allen, Jr. Productions, Archive Film Productions, Columbia Pictures Industries, Embassy Pictures, Hal Roach Studios, Inc., The Harold Lloyd Estate, Janus Films, Inc., Killiam Shows, Inc., King Features, King World Productions, Lorimar Producitons, Melvin Simon Productions, Inc., MGM/United Artists Entertainment Co., National Telefilm Associates, Inc., Paramount Picture Corporation, Ray Stark Films, Inc., RKO General Pictures, Rohauer Films, Roy Export Company Establishment, Tristar Pictures, Inc., Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp., Universal Pictures, Viacom International, Inc., Walt Disney Productions, Warner Bros. Inc.
Special Thanks DirectorÕs Guild of America, Inc., Screen ActorÕs Guild, WriterÕs Guild of America, Inc.
Rare archives and photos from HOLLYWOOD: THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER can be found at the David L. Wolper Center at USC
David L. Wolper Center at USC