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A dramatic presentation created from historical accounts of events involving President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson when he was too III to continue his fight for the League of Nations, and Mrs. Wilson assumed many responsibilities of the Chief Executive.

Sponsored by Kraft
Air Date 4/14/74

Main Credits

Writer David Shaw
Producer Delbert Mann
Director Delbert Mann
Wolper Awards

Full Credit List

Writer David Shaw
Research Toni Pinnolis
Research Vicke-Leigh Yarwood
Producer Delbert Mann
Executive In Charge of Production Conrad Holzgang
Director Delbert Mann
Associate Director Sam Gary
Cast Fletcher Allen
Cast Edward Ansara
Cast Richard Basehart
Cast Hal Huber
Actress Stymie Beard
Actress Barbara Dodd
Actress Eva Marie Saint
Casting Mike Fenton
Production Consultant Jack Watson
Technical Director Bob Schulz
Technical Director Bob Schulz
Production Coordinator Michael Manheim
Production Supervisor Rita Burton
Stage Manager Harry Rogue
Production Assistant Diane Freeman
Assistant to the Producer Lorraine Sevre
Art Director Robert Tyler Lee
Art Director Robert Tyler Lee
Set Decorator Earl Carlson
Lighting Designer Art Roberts
Lighting Director Art Roberts
Audio Neal Weinstein
Wardrobe Noel Taylor
Assistant Costume Supervisor Noel Taylor
Costumes Noel Taylor
Makeup Mark Bussan
Hair Stylist Gertrude Wheeler
Production Services Christine Foster
Sound Effects Editor Neiman-Tillar Associates
Video Tape Editor Jay Cook
Video Tape Editor Jay Cook
Location CBS Television City Hollywood, California
Recorded At Television City, Hollywood, CA
Rare archives and photos from THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT can be found at the David L. Wolper Center at USC
David L. Wolper Center at USC