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A Wolper Production

Documentary Special


A stirring and factual documentary-drama of those events which occurred immediately prior to the assassination of President Lincoln, aswell as dramatically showing the deed and the aftermath.

Sponsored by Xerox Corp.
Air Date 2/12/71
Total Run Time 1 Hr

Main Credits

Writer Robert Guenette
Writer Theodore H. Strauss
Executive Producer Warren V. Bush
Producer Robert Guenette
Director Robert Guenette
Narrator Richard Basehart
Cinematographer Adam Giffard
Editor John F. Link, II
Wolper Awards

Full Credit List

Writer Robert Guenette
Writer Theodore H. Strauss
Film Research Frances Guenette
Photo Research Frances Guenette
Executive Producer Warren V. Bush
Producer Robert Guenette
Associate Producer Paul Asselin
Executive In Charge of Production Conrad Holzgang
Director Robert Guenette
Cast Richard A. Bauer
Cast Mark D'Angelo
Cast Brian Donohue
Cast Morris Engle
Cast Michael Fairman
Cast Donald Hotten
Cast Gregg Nickerson
Cast Robert Prosky
Cast Richard Sanders
Cast Donegan Smith
Cast Michael Tucker
Cast Peter
Cast Joseph Leisch, Jr.
Cast Robert Leonard
Actress Grayce Grant
Actress Dorothea Hamond
Actress Cynthia Thomas
Narrator Richard Basehart
Historian Bruce Catton
Production Coordinator Linda Ackerman
Production Supervisor George Fredrick
Cinematographer Adam Giffard
Sound Supervision Charles L. Campbell
Sound Curt Wittig
Assistant Costume Supervisor Pat Segnan
Costumes Pat Segnan
Makeup Lilliam Brown
Editor John F. Link, II
Assistant Editor Lawrence Saltzman
Sound Editor Colin C. Mouat
Music Director Jack Tillar
Acknowledgements The White House, The National Park Service , The United States Department of the Interior, Ford's Theater and The Ford's Theater Society, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution, The National Archives, The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation
Rare archives and photos from THEY'VE KILLED PRESIDENT LINCOLN can be found at the David L. Wolper Center at USC
David L. Wolper Center at USC