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ROOTS (1977)

Episode 8

A David L. Wolper Production, Warner Bros. Television, A Warner Communications Company



The Civil War is over, but freedom has a bitter side effect, as most people seem interested only in using and abusing the emancipated blacks in the same old way. Chicken George and his family are constantly harassed by hooded night riders and exploited by men such as Evan Brent and a carpetbagging Senator until finally, in a move that will truly affect generations to come, they move to start anew in the tiny town of Henning, Tennessee.


Main Credits

Writer M. Charles Cohen
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Stan Margulies
Director Marvin Chomsky
Director Gilbert Moses
Cinematographer Joseph M. Wilcots
Editor James T. Heckert
Composer Gerald Fried

Full Credit List

Writer M. Charles Cohen
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Stan Margulies
In Charge of Production Conrad Holzgang
Director Marvin Chomsky
Director Gilbert Moses
Cast Lane Binkley
Cast Lloyd Bridges
Cast Todd Bridges
Cast Georg Stanford Brown
Cast Charles Cypers
Cast Brad Davis
Cast Wayne Heffley
Cast Hilly Hicks
Cast Burl Ives
Cast John Quade McCalman
Cast Robert Phalen
Cast Austin Stocker
Cast Ben Vereen
Cast Richard McKenzie
Actress Olivia Cole
Actress Sally Kemp
Actress Lynne Moody
Casting Lynn Stalmaster
Script Supervisor Joyce King
Production Assistant Jody Richardson
Production Assistant Eve Light
Production Assistant Marie McKeller
Assistant to the Producer Wendy Winter
Art Director Joseph R. Jennings
Set Decorator Solomon Brewer
Cinematographer Joseph M. Wilcots
Gaffer Lee Heckler
Grip Frank Palmer
Key Grip Frank Palmer
Sound Recording Arnold Braun
Wardrobe Eaves Costume Co., Inc.
Assistant Costume Supervisor Jack Martell
Costumes Jack Martell
Makeup Paul Stanhope
Special Makeup Stan Winston
Hair Stylist Lola "Skip" McNalley
Editor James T. Heckert
Assistant Editor Darrell Upshaw
Post Production Supervisor George Taylor
Music Editor Neiman-Tillar Associates
Sound Effects Editor Neiman-Tillar Associates
Composer Gerald Fried
Title Design by Pacific Titles
Opitcal Effects Pacific Titles

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