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QUEEN (1990)

Episode 3

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The story of Alex Haley's paternal grandmother. Queen, the almost white daughter of a plantation slave and owner's son. was raised as companion to her white half-sister, though always denied familial acceptance. After the civil war, she leaves the plantation and becomes involved in a disasterous relationship with a white man who viciously beats then rapes her when she reveals her negro secret. Realizing she must seek refuge with blacks, she finds many of them reject her also. She eventually falls in love and has a child, but her lover is lynched by Klansmen and she discovers his dead body, Queen moves on with Abner, now obsessed only with making money enough to go north, but she is destined never to make this journey. She meets a widowed ferryman, Alee Haley, who also has a young son. They must continue his studies and not be allowed to become a sharecopper like most black men in the area. Sadly, the emotional burdens of Queen's life overwhelm her and she suffers a mental break-down even as Simon embarks on the course she charted and becomes an accomplished scholar.

Sponsored by CBS
Air Date 2/14/93

Main Credits

Writer David Stevens
Executive Producer Bernard Sofronski
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Mark M Wolper
Director John Erman
Cinematographer Tony Imi
Editor James Galloway
Editor Paul LaMastra
Composer Michael Small

Full Credit List

Based on a story by Alex Haley
Writer David Stevens
Executive Producer Bernard Sofronski
Executive Producer David L. Wolper
Producer Mark M Wolper
In Charge of Production Elliot Friedgen
Director John Erman
Cast Bob Banks
Cast Dan Biggers
Cast Rus Blackwell
Cast Jerry Campbell
Cast Timothy Daly
Cast Ossie Davis
Cast Danny Glover
Cast George Grizzard
Cast Dennis Haysbert
Cast Tony Higgins
Cast Michael Nesbitt
Cast Alan North
Cast Martin Sheen
Cast Lonnie Smith
Cast Tim Ware
Cast Isiaah Whitlock
Cast Paul Winfield
Cast Bob Minor
Cast Danny Nelson
Actress Halle Berry
Actress Patricia Clarkson
Actress Jasmine Guy
Actress Mary Nell Santacroce
Actress Madge Sinclair
Actress Denise Swanson
Actress Sada Thompson
Actress Ann-Margret
Actress Lynette McKee
Actress Carol Mitchell-Leon
Casting Susan Bluestein, C.S.A.
Casting Atlanta Shay Griffin
Casting New York Phyllis Kaufman
Casting Associate Marsha Shoenman
Production Manager Hal Galli
Production Coordinator Carol Kravetz
Script Supervisor Blanche McDermaid
Production Designer Rodger Maus
Art Director Richard Berger
Art Director Christa Munro
Set Decorator Joseph Litsch
Cinematographer Tony Imi
Chief Lighting Technician Ed Letteri
Grip Bubba Sheffield
Key Grip Bubba Sheffield
Sound Supervision G. Michael Graham
Wardrobe Joyce Aysta
Costume Designer Helen Butler Barbon
Assistant Costume Supervisor Carol Helen Beule
Costumes Carol Helen Beule
Makeup Angela Levin
Makeup Rose Librizzi
Assistant Special Makeup Tom Floutz
Special Aging Makeup Richard Blair
Hair Stylist Linda DeAndrea
Editor James Galloway
Editor Paul LaMastra
Sound Editor Echo Film Services, Inc.
Composer Michael Small
Location Portions Filmed at Boone Hall, Mount Pleasent South Carolina
Special Thanks Bill Gwaltney, Historical Researcher, Ray Herbeck, Susan Batson, State of South Carolina, South Carolina Film Commission, City of Charleston, South Carolina, The South Carolina Palmetto Battalion, 1st South Carolina Cavalry, 49th North Carolina Cavalry, 8th Georgia Regiment, City of Megget, South Carolina, City of Ravenel, South Carolina

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